Our Education Model

Errors Of Tutoring Centres:

Error 1:

Tutoring Centres are Designed for Crowds

When students get taught in crowds, oftentimes their individual problems and areas of weaknesses get overlooked and if not, the class teacher has very limited time to spend with each student. In fact, subjecting a group of unique students with different learning needs to the same classes is one of the least efficient ways to achieve learning outcomes. A single teacher and single classroom cannot hope to capture the needs of every student.

300's Solution:

Solution 1:

1 on 1 Support from a James Ruse Tutor 

> Inbox feature with JR dedicated 'coach' replies within 8 hours to questions students send...

> monthly advice from JR...

In order to achieve the complete learning experience, we must harness the power of technology and data. Our dream is to create a virtual academic “coach” through online programming, one that is always present in a student’s life, one that collects and stores every dataset, taking in every detail and identifying every weakness. By taking academic diagnostics to the next level, we can create a personal, tailored learning strategy that is foolproof.


Error 2:

Parents are excluded & unaware of their child's progress

A major flaw in the current schooling system is the lack of feedback that parents receive about their child's progress. Without feedback, it is impossible to estimate if your child is studying enough to grant them entry into their dream school and the final result from the selective exam will simply be a function of luck.

Solution 2:

Parents Updated In Real-Time With Detailed Reports

Comprehensive and live updates on a student’s progress to a parent. Parents will be able to view the students’ performance before and after they have been prescribed learning strategies, and can also see the performance per question type and topic, the student’s engagement level over time along with much more.

Error 3:

Let your child work on their  weaknesses every day, not once a term

There are always a few topics in the selective your child will struggle with. Yet, traditional tutoring centres are rigid and work off a pre-set plan, touching each topic a few times a term. By doing this, they assume they have touched all bases and have corrected each student's errors. They are wrong, most students carry these errors in the exam, not because they don't study enough, but because they don't study their weaknesses enough. 

Solution 3:

Tutors Prescribe Homework Based off Weaknesses. 

We aren't restricted to set schedules and our workflow is not rigid and pre-prepared like many other tutoring companies. Instead, we want our James Ruse coaches to work with you to diagnose your child's educational issues, devise a strategy to combat those issues and point your child to the correct materials that will resolve those issues once and for all.

Error 4:

Centres are inconvenient

So far, parents have had no choice but to drive their children to far and overpacked tutoring centres that run classes at specific times. Because these options may not always be the most suitable, families make larger sacrifices than they should. 

Solution 4:

Tutors Prescribe Homework Based off Weaknesses. 

After logging into our online software on a computer or iPad, student's can access thousands of questions anywhere, anytime. Our platform was designed by PhD educators and provides immediate marks and written explanations on every question.