Meet the school: James Ruse Agricultural High

Is James Agricultural High School the right fit for your child? We collated a fact sheet and interviewed two James Ruse students to help you find out.

Fact Sheet

James Ruse Agricultural High School 

School Type: Co-ed, Agricultural.

Current rank: #1 High School in the 2019 HSC.

Previous rankings: #1 in 2018, #1 in 2017.

Location: 17-31 Felton Road Carlingford, NSW 2118 Australia.

Selective exam mark: 2019 minimum entry score was 250.

School highlights: James Ruse High excel at maths and science Olympiads, in which its students are often selected to represent Australia.

What the school takes pride in: James Ruse takes pride in its committees, clubs and societies. These include the Ruse MUN, Go Green, Amnesty, Ruse Dance Club, Interact, UNICEF, Film Club, Food and Cultural Team, Programming Club, Zero robotics, Anime Club, Book Club, Knitwits, and many more. James Ruse also takes pride in its Duke of Ed program.

Interview with James Ruse Agricultural High Graduates