Meet the School: Hornsby Girls High

Are you unsure which Selective School is best suited to your child’s personality and needs? To make the decision easier, we have collated a fact sheet and an interview with a past Hornsby Girls High student, to give you a snapshot of the school. Enjoy!

Hornsby Girls High School Fact Sheet

School Type: Girls School

Current rank: #5 in 2019

Previous rankings: #8 in 2018, #7 in 2017

Location: Hornsby Girls' High School, Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby NSW 2077

Selective exam mark: 2019 minimum entry score was 227

School highlights: The Music Program is a highlight of Hornsby Girls High, consisting of a range of ensembles. These are Jazz Band, Beginner Band, Senior Flute Ensemble, Junior Flute Ensemble, String Orchestra, Symphonic Band and the Concert Band. Students earn their position in the music program, and if a student believes they have significantly improved, they can pass students higher up in their music section.

To do this they can challenge a higher-up student. A challenge involves the conductor choosing passages from the band’s current repertoire and giving both students a week to practice the pieces before performing them. The student who performs best receives a higher position in their music section.

A regular competitor in the ‘Tournament of Minds’, in the NSW Regional Finals of 2017, Hornsby Girls High School were the secondary school winners of Engineering/Mathematics. The school also offers a ‘High Resolves’ program in years 7-10 which promotes social interaction, leadership and wellbeing, as well as digital citizenship and conflict resolution.

What the school takes pride in: Hornsby High takes great pride in its Old Girls’ Union, which maintains ties with current and past students, and preserves archival memorabilia and data to keep the school’s history alive and relevant.

Interview with a Hornsby Girls High Graduate

Introduce Yourself

My name is Vanshika, and I attended Hornsby Girls High School (HGHS) from 2011-2016. I am currently a 4th  Year Commerce/Actuarial Studies student at UNSW.

What was it like when you first found out you made it to HGHS? At that time, we used to live a 5-minute walk away from the school, and every time we would walk past, my parents would remind me how awesome it would be if I got in. Fast forward to the day we received our results – the results arrived in the morning; however, I hadn't known so I spent the entire day at school worrying I would not get in. I remember being nervous on the bus ride home even though this was ages ago. Anyway, when I was walking home from the bus stop, my mum met me halfway and genuinely had tears in her eyes. This honestly just freaked me out even more. Then, when I found out, we both started screaming, and it became a moment I would never forget.

What was your first day like? I had been ecstatic when I first found out, but this was later replaced with dread when I realised that none of my closest friends had made it. I was expecting it to be a school for people who just thought about work and I was 100% ready to get a billion assignments on the first day.

We started off with an assembly, I got to meet my very enthusiastic English teacher and from the awkward ice breakers that we had to do in all 4 periods - it seemed all the students were quite nice.

My last but surprisingly clear memory of my first day at HGHS is walking back to the hall with my science teacher towards the end of the day. She was extremely talkative, and I remember being pleasantly surprised about how approachable the teachers were.  But as all schools do, HGHS did introduce us to captains, vice-captains etc. who had achieved a lot. I found that quite intimidating especially because you start thinking whether you will ever get there and achieve as much as they did. Nonetheless, overall it was a great experience. 

Does everyone study every day? Depends is my answer - some people do, and some don't. I was one of the ones who did, even if it was like one hour a day - just because I don't like cramming.  But you always have those students who top all exams but never seem to study!

HGHS did place quite a lot of focus on extra-curricular activities, particularly music-related activities but there were also many social welfare-related groups such as ‘Fred’ - the environmental society that people could get involved in. 

Was HGHS good at sports?

From memory, I think we were good at swimming, and I think we had an Oz-tag team and a Cricket team that played at a high level. However, I think our biggest strength were activities that require flexibility so aerobics, gymnastics, hip-hop etc.

We hope this information has given you a small insight into Hornsby Girls High School and the opportunities that it brings.

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