Meet the school: Girraween

Are you thinking if Girraween High School is right for your child? We’re here to help! In this article, we take you through a fact sheet and an interview with a Girraween graduate. Fact Sheet: Girraween

School Type: Co-ed

Current rank: #21 in the 2019 HSC rankings

Previous rankings: #20 in 2018, #22 in 2017

Location: 110 Gilba Road Girraween NSW 2145

Selective exam mark required: 2019 minimum entry score was 225.

School highlights: Girraween High’s highlights are its sense of community and creation of well-rounded students. It aims to instil a work-life balance so that children can succeed while enjoying their childhood.

Girra Café: students are trained to operate a commercial coffee machine, providing them with great pre-employment skills and a Barista Certificate, without the cost of a barista course.

What the school takes pride in: Giving students employability skills during high school. A range of programs that develop student’s skillset, making them stand out and setting them up for success. This includes year 10’s mandatory participation in Business Week, Mock Interviews, Startsmart and Work Experience programs.

Girraween also offers a range of classes including dance, ethics, religion, and extra-curricular school activities such as dance groups and a monthly Animal Welfare Market.

Interview with a Past Student:

Introduce yourself.

My name is Nitthila. I entered Girraween in 2011 as Year 7 and graduated in 2016. Now, I’m in my final year of university studying Actuarial Studies and Commerce at UNSW.

What was it like when you first found out you made it to Girraween? I remember being super excited because I had some family friends already at Girra and they seemed to really like it!

What was the first day like?

It was a little intimidating because no one from my primary school went to Girra with me, but within the first couple of days it is easy enough to make friends. In Year 7 our roll call class was basically the class you had for every subject, so we all got to know each other pretty well. We also had Year 7 camp early on in the year and that was really fun doing random activities with a bunch of people that you didn’t know. I distinctly remember being afraid of all the high rope courses, but everyone was really nice and supportive.

Does everyone study every day?

I think until Year 10 we all took it pretty easy, did a little bit of studying to get reasonable marks. Of course, you have a few kids who would work really hard, but most of us just did the bare minimum. When it came to Year 11 and 12 though, most of us stepped up and put in the effort it took to succeed. There was a healthy amount of competition, where everyone would work hard and care about subject ranks. However, we definitely were all supportive and tried to help our mates out if they needed us. One good thing about Girra is that we all understood that if everyone did well in the HSC then it would boost your own ATAR. We hope this information has given you a small insight into Girraween High School and the opportunities that it brings.

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