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*Note: "From late Jan" means that tests will be slowly released over time, with all of them completed by late January
*Note: "TSA" means Thinking Skills Assessment

Full  Length Papers:

75 of our full-length Selective Trial Papers with fully worked solutions. There are thousands of questions for you to complete, with each and every one created by expert tutors who have not only aced the exam themselves, but have tutored many students to replicate their success. These tests will be done under exam conditions, meaning that they will be timed.

In the Selective School exam, your child has to answer questions of increasing difficulty under significant time constraints and pressure. Many talented students fail to perform under this pressure— not because they aren't smart— but because they could not replicate the success they had in drills into the exam itself. This occurs because students don't know why they have solved the problem correctly in their practice, they simply tick the question and move on. This is why our Selective Exams have fully worked solutions and our Selective Coaches encourage your student to discuss and revise each and every question to understand why they have done well. 

150+ Adaptive Quizzes (Mini-Tests):

Every student inevitably struggles with a few question topics, and perform very well in others. Our quizzing engine collects and stores every dataset, taking in every detail and identifying every weakness. This data is used to make the system adaptive, with the result from each quiz informing what your child sees next. Because 300 Selective has broken down the Selective exam into 19 question types across English, Maths and Thinking Skills, our algorithm will find your student's weakest and strongest subjects and tailor their work flow accordingly. Students will find that as they perform well in a particular question type — let's say vocabulary — they will start receiving more challenging vocabulary quizzes. 

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard:

Without feedback, it is impossible to estimate if your child is studying enough to grant them entry into their dream school and the final result from the Selective Exam will simply be a function of luck. Parents will be able to view the students’ performance relative to their peers and can also see the performance per question type and topic.

Online Private Tutoring With a Tutor:

At 300 Selective, we pride ourselves on not being restricted to set schedules and pre-prepared classes like many other tutoring companies. Instead, we imagine a tutoring experience you can access anywhere and at anytime. After booking an appointment with a qualified and experienced James Ruse alumni, your son/daughter will be coached through each and every one of the questions they struggle with on our platform. Our online classroom is equipped with a multi-user virtual whiteboard and screen sharing capabilities so students can receive the same private tutoring experience but from the comfort and convenience of their own home. 

Customer Support:

We understand that it may be daunting to have your child use an online platform to study. However, with our support system in place where you can submit enquiries. This, along with the ability to contact our friendly staff ensures that we offer more support than any textbook or tutoring company before us.