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Our Story

Our story begins many years ago, when our team took our own journey into preparing for the Selective Test. Even though we all saw success and entry into the top school, we believed that we could do better. Years later, with all of us having accumulated teaching experience, we have emerged with a brand new way of tackling Selective School preparation: an online quizzing engine that takes your data and analyses it instantly, complete with unlimited revision and your very own James Ruse Coach. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Selective School preparation easier, simpler, and better. Your child can access our top-class materials at any time, and you can access your child's performance and analytics anywhere. By making all of this possible through our simple but brilliant online platform, we hope to make your journey of achieving the dream score a little bit easier.

Our Team


Chris has over 7 years of teaching experience, with his students also gaining entry into schools such as James Ruse and Baulkham Hills High. Chris is studying Commerce and Law at the University of Sydney and wants to pass on his success to students all over the state.

James Ruse Agricultural High  School

Selective Score: 260



Calvin has accumulated one year of experience teaching at various tutoring centres, after gaining an excellent result and entry into James Ruse. He currently studies a medical degree at the University of Queensland.

James Ruse Agricultural High  School

Selective Score: 270



Lucas has over 6 years of tutoring experience at the primary school level, teaching for the OC and Selective Trial Tests. Like us, he is passionate about bringing a change to the Selective School industry.

James Ruse Agricultural High  School
Selective Score: 256



Daniel has prepared Selective School Test students for 2 years, after graduating from James Ruse himself. He now studies Commerce and Economics at UNSW.

James Ruse Agricultural High  School

Score: 260


“300 has definitely helped me because the tests that they provided were carefully formulated and helped me recognise the areas that I was weak on.”

— Nikhil S (2019)
Accepted into James Ruse with a score of 250.88

With over 15,000 students sitting the Selective Exam each year, effective practice is necessary for your child to achieve their dream school.

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