Frequently asked questions

What exactly will I be given in terms of materials as part of the course?

You have access to 10 GA papers, 10 Maths papers and 10 English papers, fully complete in a practice paper format. You also have unlimited revision opportunities, meaning that these questions won’t disappear once you do them, you can do these tests all over again. You can also attempt these questions in Quiz form. A Quiz is a group of questions from the same question type, and specifically focuses on one area - for example, you can choose to only attempt Vocabulary questions if you struggle with that topic.

What does my “Coach” do?

Your Coach is your point of contact - any technical issues, questions and queries will be answered by your Coach, a trusted James Ruse graduate with Selective School Tuition experience. For the exclusive beta program, we guarantee a 36-hour reply window for any queries. Your Coach will also give you tips and guidance based on your results, and what you specifically can do to improve your results. For example, if your overall performance needs improvement, your Coach will recommend practice tests. If you are particularly struggling with one topic, your Coach will recommend that you attempt a Quiz on that topic before moving forward. You will be able to access your Coach through the Canvas Inbox platform, via text.

What happens if I am in the middle of a test, but my internet crashes?

If you speak to your James Ruse Coach, they will make the test available again. If they cannot solve your issue, we can escalate it up to our program support system.

What is the purpose of making questions available as “Quizzes” instead of normal practice tests?

We believe that the best way to learn is to first identify your weaknesses, and then focus practice on those weak areas. As you attempt our practice tests, you will most likely notice one or two areas in each subject that you particularly struggle with. We recommend that you then practice these types of questions again by attempting the relevant Quizzes.

How will I be able to revise and learn from questions if there is no tutor there to help me?

After you complete the 30 tests, you will be able to review every question with a detailed, written explanation. You can then revise every question by re-attempting the test again, or attempting a Quiz. We don’t limit you to only one attempt per question - we believe that the best way you learn is by practice, so you can practice on our questions as many times as you want, under exam conditions!

Can my Coach explain questions for me?

Your Coach is there to look at your performance and give advice on your next steps (ie. what Quizzes to attempt) and also to answer your technical questions (how to navigate Canvas, if any problems arise). Therefore, we advise that they will not be able to answer and explain every single question.

Do I have a time limit for the course?

Not at all. The 6-week time period is only a recommendation, before the school term starts. You can take as long as you want to work through these papers. However, please note that we are planning to launch another program at the end of the 6-week period, so our suggestion would be to keep up!